Under 15
Cobras & Cannons

Invicta Junior Cricket League
Cannons: U15 Championship
Cobras: Tunbridge Wells Division 1

2022 Season Review

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For the 2022 season, Cowdrey u15s fielded 2 summer league teams; the ‘Cannons’ in the u15s Kent Championship and Cobras in the Tunbridge Wells league. With only 4 u15 players in the squad (the remainder U14’s) this appeared a potentially tough season but both teams competed strongly and performed well against all opposition (a couple of times being ably supported by some of our u13s and u11s – thank you!).  The Cannons finished 4th (1 run off the last ball of our tied game away from 3rd!) losing only 2 games with some outstanding performances including: the highest winning margin of any match in the league (98 runs), the highest individual batting score (Tommy Edwards – 49 not out).  The Cobras came 6th in a very tight and competitive league, just 5 points away from 3rd place.

Key to our successes was the ability for our teams to score runs and take wickets all through the line up – some of our most consistent All Rounders were Arthur, Seb Smith, Lucas Parkinson, Alex Turner and Luke Lawrence who scored 539 runs and took 26 wickets between them.  We are also blessed with a number of strong wicket keepers which is a key position and in that area, Dexter Collins in particular had a very strong season.  These are just a selection of some of the noteworthy performances and the coaches feel that the development of every single member of the squad was directly reflective of the consistent hard work the boys have put in on their batting, bowling and fielding techniques through the year.

It was also great to see 8 of our team get selected for our adult teams so far this year, all making a strong mark.  We look forward to more playing where possible on Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of this season and next year.

Most pleasing for the coaching team was the development the whole squad made as a collective team unit.  Regardless of who was selected in which team, we were consistently one of the most disciplined fielding teams, generally the most positive and energetic and always appeared to be having the most fun!  Thanks to our outgoing u15s and look forward to our remaining u14s and new joiners from the u13s continuing to take our team from strength to strength next season.


Batter of the Year: Archie Rawlinson 

Bowler of the Year: George Sullivan 

All-Rounder of the Year: Arthur Binderman

Most Improved Player of the Year: Dan Bellingan
Managers Player of the Year: Tattv Kakroo

Under 15 Cannons Performance

Under 15 Cobras Performance